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Sail Through Paramedic School

Master Your Medics is your go-to resource to become a better Paramedic student by making the learning easier.

No more being overwhelmed. No more waiting years before you escape the textbooks.

Learn and interact live with a professional paramedic who has real world experience so you can pass your certifications with confidence!

Does Any of This Sound Familiar?

You are feeling very anxious as you begin paramedic school, and you have a mountain of reading before you step one foot into the classroom.
School is not the only thing on your plate, you have a job or family as well. You begin to panic and doubt yourself about being able to pass your classes let alone fully understand what is being taught.
You hopelessly scavenge the Internet each day in hope of finding something that can boost your low confidence but you can't find anything just for paramedic school students in the sea of cute puppy and baby videos.

Don't you want to get on the ambulance as a student wearing your new uniform, spit shined boots, and your shiny new ID badge with a picture of you smiling ear to ear?

It's time to feel

Prepared & Confident

Watch & Listen Instead of Read & Wonder

Reading text in printed books is just so exhausting and takes a ton of time. With over 400 videos, you will be able to consume more content at a quicker pace.

It's Easier When It Makes Sense

I will teach you the WHY. When I was in EMT and Paramedic school I always asked why things happened in the body. I rarely got a straight answer and that frustrated me so much. I refuse to leave you wondering why things happen and I focus on that problem in every video I create.

For Medic Students - By An Actual Medic

There will be no cute puppy or baby videos here. Each video is organized into easy to find categories so that you spend less time searching and more time learning.

Join the 900+ students who are already raving about Master Your Medics

(Warning) Having all the answers to your teacher's questions may result in being the teachers pet.

Wait. What do you get with Master Your Medics Membership?

Just what you need, when you need it.
Live Help

Instant messaging access to a tutor with 8 years experience teaching EMS courses. Anytime you are lost or need help, you can click the button in the corner and talk to me.

Medic Video Vault

Neatly organized into 40+ categories wih 400+ videos, you will have everything you need at your fingertips to watch at a time that is good for you - where ever you are.

Community Support

You get access to the private Facebook page where all of my students are available for support and guidance, as well as participate in Case Studies every Wednesday and Friday.

Test Preperation

You will be equipped with the confidence and knowledge to ace your national exams without a drop of sweat.

Medic Supplies

Monthly discounts off EMS equipment and clothing.

Flexible Access

Select a plan that works for you. Maybe you just need monthly access to get you through that upcoming test. Or secure your spot as a top student with a two-year plan.

This program is designed to help students of all levels of strength, I have been teaching a long time and I know the gaps in most school curriculums.

I had only one chance left to write my written part of ACP before failing so I joined the course. The prep section helped me to focus on what to study and the rest of the courses helped me with the areas I was struggling with. Because of this course I passed my test!
- Laurie, Alberta Canada

What Trainings Will You Have Access To?

Here’s a small taste of what you’ll get (and learn!)

And tons more... but I don’t wanna overwhelm you!

Master Your Medics is like
Cliff-Notes for Paramedic Students

IF you are looking to not only ace your tests....but actually learn something as well

After all, what’s the point of going to Paramedics school if you come out not fully understanding the topics you spent so long working on?

That's kind of like just looking like an medic on paper or in uniform, but not really being one on the inside.

What do you think is going to help you in the field?

You know the right answer for this one: having the knowledgable instinct to make quick reactions is going to set you apart from the medics who are just textbook smart.

Join TODAY for as little as $14.58 per month

That is as little as 48 cents per day. I Am Ready To Make My Learning Easier

Want a Sneak Peek Inside
Master Your Medics?

I know that sometimes you just want to take a look inside before throwing your hands up and yelling "Dang right! I'm in!".

So let me show you around the place!

Click the play button on the tablet and take a tour so you can see why other students are saying that they could have never survived without it.

Meet some of my very happy students

Best educational-resource decisions I have made since starting EMT school!

Joining Master Your Medics has been one of the best educational-resource decisions I have made since starting EMT school!

The videos are short and sweet allowing the more complex subjects, like pharmacology, be broken down into manageable chunks.

It's really changed my learning! - Matt USA

Am now ahead in my studies, and I have a lot more time for my family

What Geoff has created here has completely turned around my life in school. Before starting Master Your Medics all I did was study. My whole time was taken up with reading. I was constantly frustrated from lack of retention and I had completely dropped the ball in the mom and wife department.

Since starting Master Your Medics I am not only retaining so much more, but I have gained confidence in class, caught back up and am now ahead in my studies, and I have a lot more time for my family.

I have always struggled learning from reading a textbook. Geoff's program has given me a better option for my learning style. With this program Geoff has given me the tools to not only succeed but also to excel in pre-hospital care.

Thanks Geoff, for your dedication to the pre-hospital industry and helping to make better EMS personnel. - Ginnie Dyck Alberta Canada

Getting a reply within hours to clarify whatever it was that I wasn't understanding

During EMT school I had such a difficult time retaining all the information I needed to know.

What I like most about Geoff and Master Your Medics is he breaks down everything in easy to understand short videos.

I couldn't imagine going through school without him. - Spencer Advanced Care Paramedic Canada

"Can I Afford It?"

The real question is...'Can you afford to not do this?'...Think about the value of not stressing over your EMT tests...Think about the value of being confident and in control..Think about how much you are paying for the things you can afford...
  • Your mobile phone bill (crazy right?)
  • Your Starbucks habits (caffeine is addicting..but really?)
  • A personal training session (just ONE)
  • That text book you just bought (and will hardly use...ever again)
  • A dinner and the movies with your BFF (again just ONE)

The list goes on and on.

You could choose to continue spending money on items that have instant or short term satisfaction...or you could choose to spend a few bucks on something that will actually help you for the rest of your life...or forever how long you remain an EMT..and beleive me, once an EMT..always an EMT

Because if you don’t take action to help yourself now, how hard do you think it will be to help yourself in the future?

Join the 900+ members who already are on their way to become top EMT students


In case your are wondering..

Are there a set amount of months I need to sign up for?

No, you are free to leave the membership at anytime if you decide our membership does not help you feel more prepared.

Do I get access to all the courses the second I sign up?

Yes! You get total access to all 40 courses the second you sign up. I am always developing new courses so you'll see new course show up in your student dashboard every month as I complete them.

I noticed you're in Canada, is this really going to be helpful for me when I'm not from there?

Absolutely, when developing courses for the Master Your Medics Membership I am committed to providing only high quality medical information. I do not teach to a specific services protocols. We have students all over the world utilizing the Master Your Medics membership to prepare for the job ahead of them.

Can I pay by paypal?

Absolutely you can, unfortunately with this service I can not offer a month to month payment option but you can pay for an annual membership at a discounted rate!

Can I get Continued Education Credits for completing courses?

I can not guarantee your service will accept the courses for continuing education credits. However I always provide a certificate of completion with each course in the membership so they can be submitted to your service. We are in the approval process in multiple places around the world. Including Canada, UK, Ireland, South Africa, and the NREMT

Currently Courses are approved in British Columbia, Alberta and Nova Scotia, PEI Canada,Ireland, and Wales. This list will be updated as more Locations get approval.

Are all the information in the videos referenced from actual textbooks, or is it all just based on your experience?

All the videos in the courses and on our website are all referenced and cross checked through various high quality textbooks to confirm accuracy.

Let's Be Real

Being an EMT student is hard work, and is definately no joke.

And at the end of the day, the time and effort you invest is all up to YOU.

I am simply here to coach you through the most exciting time of your life.

So, why waste another minute reading this page?

Join TODAY for as little as $14.58 per month
(and choose how long you would like to stay)