At Master Your Medics, our mission is simple: to help you gain relevant knowledge and skills that you can immediately apply the next day as a Paramedic or EMT.  

Guidance : A Preceptors Conference is an online event that fits right into our mission. A conference that will give you the tools and specific strategies you need to be a successful preceptor. 

This conference will feature experienced current paramedics.  Flight paramedics, Community Care Paramedics, and Advanced Care Paramedics from all over the world that have spent hundreds of hours precepting students. 

Because you're here we want to offer you a very low price of $65 CAD ($45 USD)

A tiny investment that can expect 10x the return on. You'll get access to the 1 day live conference, the recordings of those classes for a year, and a certificate of completion you can submit for Continuing Education credits. We are an internationally accredited organization which means where ever in the world you're reading this, you'll very likely be able to submit for credit. 

Over 20000 people just like you have relied on Master Your Medics to help them make progress towards their career goals. We would love for you to join us in this exciting event. It will not disappoint, I guarantee it. 


Geoff Murphy

You get to shape future paramedics, let us give you the tools to do that!

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What We Will Be Covering

  • “Setting the Tone” - What to do on the first day.

  • “Setting the Plan” How to set achievable goals that advance a student through practicum to success.

  • “Consistency and Transparency” Why communication is going to be the backbone of a successful practicum and how to do it right.

  • “From School to Street” how to develop your students critical thinking skills.

  • “Promoting Failure” Building a safe place to fail so a student can succeed.

  • “Corrective Measures” Dealing with lies, cheating, and disinterest.

  • “Working with the Under Prepared” How to see untapped potential and build a students knowledge base rapidly.

  • “Jump Start” motivating students to achieve high success.


  • Will I get Continuing Education Credits for this Conference?

    Yes! Master Your Medics is a fully accredited organization to submit credits for NR CEUs, as well as credits in Canada, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.

  • Will the conference be recorded?

    Yes! All conference sessions will be recorded and anyone who registers will have access to the recordings for 1 year

  • Is the conference Live?

    Yes! The conference will be shot live on February 28th 2020. Registration will provide access to the live conference.

  • Do you provide group discounts?

    Yes! We provide group discounts to groups larger than 5. Message us for details!

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