Virtual EMS Educators Conference

Virtual EMS Educators Conference 2019

"Come To Learn, Leave Impacted Forever."
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Does Any of This Sound Familiar?

You are feeling very overwhelmed as you start to think about teaching your next class, you have hours of preparation before you step one foot into the classroom, but only a few minutes to spare.

Teaching is not the only thing on your plate, you have another job or family as well. You begin to doubt yourself about being able to fully engage your students in what needs to be taught.

You're looking to find mentors to help build your confidence and guide you through your journey of becoming an exceptional EMS educator.

We want to provide a massive opportunity to you. To be mentored by some of the most passionate, inspiring, and innovative EMS educators today.

Join Us For This Unprecedented Online Event!

Over 6 Hours of CAPCE Accredited CEU/ConEd Approved Classes!

Wait. What do you get at the conference??

  • Virtual Educators Conference Access Pass September 13 - 15th (Full Price $350)
  • Access to The Master Your Medics EMS Educators Community ($200 Value)
  • No need to Travel! (Value $1000)
  • Entered Into The Conference Prize Draws ($2000 Worth of Prizes!)
  • Access To Our Virtual Vendors Area ($200 Value)

Geoff Murphy

Founder of Master Your Medics

Tyler Christifulli

Co-Founder of FoamFrat

Kasey Jo Weigley

Master Your Medics Senior Educator

Bobbi Merica

Founder of Moulage Concepts

Kyle Bouyers

MYM Senior Clinical Educator

Advanced Care paramedic in Alberta with Degree in exercise physiology, working toward a masters degree in education; Kyle brings 15 years of street experience to the program as well as several years working as both an instructor as well as clinical educator.  

Kyle has been the preceptor to many successful students and works to develop a preceptorship program that helps inform and instruct both preceptors and students on how to encourage a successful practical experience.  

Ginger Locke

Founder Of Medic Mindset Podcast

As an Associate Professor of EMS Professions at Austin Community College and creator of the Medic Mindset podcast, Ginger Locke has immersed herself in the psychology of medics. Prior to becoming a paramedic, she studied social psychology at the University of Georgia and the University of Leicester, UK.

Sam Ireland


Bruce Hoffman

Senior VP of FlightbridgeEd

Heard Enough??

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